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    Default Moms of boys...babylegs?

    Do you use babylegs for your crawler/walker to keep their legs and knees from getting scraped up? I had thought that they were girl wear, but just wondering looking at some of the designs. DS is getting more and more scraped by the day, and he could care less, but I'm a little worried about his skin which is sensitive so I was considering getting him some, especially for daycare which is a tile floor.
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    DH aka fashion police said no thanks here. I'm free to gather up some Zutano pants or something similar, but he'll have nothing to do with babylegs on the boy.

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    DS1 wore babylegs and I'll pass them on to DS2. I bought the more boyish patterns. They were great under his pants during the cold German winter and also great at home for crawling. I also gave them to other mothers of boys and they didn't find them too girly.

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