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    Question Odd question: Will a full-sized mattress set fit in a minivan?

    We ordered DD1 a full-sized bed, and we really want to buy the mattress set at Costco b/c the price is great. But then we have to get it home! We have a Mazda MPV (which is a smaller minivan), but we also have access to a relative's Chrysler Town & Country (isn't that the name of the Chrysler minivan?).

    I know, I could go measure it, but that would require taking out the carseats and seats to get all the dimensions of the car, and I don't want to do that if it's not even within the realms of possibility!!

    The other alternative is renting a truck from Home Depot, but then it turns into a bigger commitment of time (and money! - negating the good price). Or is there some other obvious solution I've missed?

    Thanks in advance!
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    If you live in Georgia, chances are SOMEBODY you know has a truck. My dad has two, and he lives there Can you borrow one?

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    Without measuring, I'm guessing that a mattress & box would not fit into my Honda Ody. So, I doubt they would fit into your MPV, they might fit into a T&C, but you'd have to measure. they wouldn't fit width-wise into my van and certainly not both at once, but they might possibly fit if you slid them in on their sides. Only way to know is to measure.

    Personally, I'd rent/borrow a truck.

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    Default Depends on which T and C

    IIRC, all of the Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler minivans come in a smaller size and a larger size. My father has a Grand Caravan (the dodge version, but they are otherwise identical bodies to the Chrysler) and with the seats out, we have moved our full size box spring and mattress set many times. The box spring goes in first, diagonal across the back and the mattress slides down on top of the box springs. We have a very thick set and it still works. This would not work in the regular, smaller Caravan, just the Grand Caravan. My brother has a Town and Country and it is the size of the Grand Caravan my dad has- we have moved full beds for my clients at work in there.
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