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    Default Can someone tell me about Ikea kids beds?

    Both my boys need new beds. I am wondering how big the kids Ikea beds are (are they the standard twin size or more like toddler sized)? And how usefull is it to get one that expands? Also I would like to know about the Ikea mattresses and how comfortable they are. I will try them out in the store before buying but I just thought I would ask first. I am also wondering how well they will hold up. All my Ikea furniture has held up realy well for us and I am hoping the beds will hold up well too.



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    I have owned 3 IKEA beds and 1 IKEA crib. I can't speak to the adjustable size ones as I've never had one, but the standard twin-sized beds are a standard twin size. We also own 4 IKEA mattresses. My DH and I switched to a SULTAN HASSELBACK for our bed in 2004 and it's the most comfortable mattress we've owned. We have the KURA and the HEMNES twin-sized beds and used to have the (now discontinued) ROBIN twin also. The ROBIN was a bit shaky, but the KURA and HEMNES have held up well. I highly recommend the IKEA beds and mattresses; I think they offer great value for transitional furniture. My parents bought my sister a set of IKEA MALM dressers when she was 12 or 13 and they are still in great shape (she's almost 20).
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    5.5yo DS has the KURA bed and it is AWESOME!! 3.5yo DD REALLy wants one, too. It is great for a small bedroom, as you can fit a twin mattress underneath for guests or use as a "sofa" ~ it is also a prefect height. You DO need to use one of their mattresses as a standard mattress is too thick. I cannot remember which mattress we have (it was the one that was on display with the bed) but DS likes it. We also have the canopy.

    We also have a TROFAST storage combination, which has also been great for DS's VERY small room. GREAT furniture for the price/quality! Highly reccomended. Easy to assemble, as well. Very sturdy.
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    What they call a "Junior" is in between a toddler and a twin. The expandable ones go from that Junior size to normal twin. We have two Kritter beds and love them. We had to buy the Ikea mattress and the fitted sheets, but the cost was minor. Everything else I bought was twin sized. I bought twin vinyl mattress cover (Target), mattress pad, flat sheets, comforter and duvet, which is big, but we make it work. The boys LOVE their beds. They could easily be in them until they're around 6.
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    We have this bed.... it's in storage now (was DS #1's big boy bed) but it was a great bed and I'd still be using it if we didn't have a need for the bunkbeds we have now!

    Ours was older so it came in a lighter wood than the black/brown they offer now! I don't know why they stopped offering it in the other finish.

    we got our twin mattress from Costco. I've heard pretty good things about Ikea Mattresses.

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