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    Default Hair turning gray during pregnancy?

    Has anyone had their hair turn gray while pregnant? Does it change back later, or is it a lost cause?

    5+ years ago I was pregnant (miscarriage) and my blonde hair did turn darker. Since then I have done highlights to even out the coloring. Now I am pregnant again (20 weeks) and last night I found a patch of gray hair, which is of course in a pretty obvious spot. I'm 28, so it seems a bit early for me to be going gray, so I'm chalking it up to pregnancy. Has anyone else had this? Anything I can do about it? I'm going to guess that highlights aren't really going to cover it up ....

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    My hair has changed so much since my first pregnancy. Not only did I start getting white hairs like weeds, BUT my hair is now a coarser texture, not smooth and shiny like before. My sil had the same exp. I can't figure out if it was due to the pregnancy or that my first pregnancy coincided with me entering the 30's and my body is just going downhill... My mom's hair started turning white almost as soon as she turned 30, so I don't know whether to blame my pregnancies or my genes, lol. I have been plucking, but my DH tells me that if I keep doing that I'll be bald soon (b/c I have THAT many white hairs now). So, I need to just either let it go gracefully or start dying it... and I am not really liking the idea of being a slave to dying my hair ever 6 wks and shelling out a ton of $ each time.
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    When did your mother or father get gray hair? Early gray hair is genetic. I started getting gray in my early 20s and had a LOT of gray by my late 20s. At 30 I started dying and highlighting. At 40 I said screw it this is who I am LOL!!!
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    I wouldn't say my hair "turned" gray, but I definitely got more strands of gray during pregnancy. DH was like a monkey, combing through my hair, pointing out each and every strand! I've noticed there isn't as much when I'm not pregnant, but it has been 4 1/2 years since I first got pregnant so we'll see if it stops again this time or if age is catching up with me!

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    I got a lot of grey hairs during pg#2, and now they're turning back. I found one on my hairbrush the other day that was grey for about 6" and then dark brown for 1" or so near the root. Odd, but good!

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