OK well first I have a 2.5 year old and 15 mo old and they demand my attention constantly. My son is my oldist and is very pushy and demanding especailly when I give my daughter my youngist attention. When my son wants my attention he'll act out in any way possible. Now I'm kind of thinkin' it might be hereditary from his father's side of the family..his father has a very bad person and will do anything to get their way despite how bad it is. I'm despritally trying not to let my son be like that. I'm not nameing their names or letting any inclination on whom it maybe incase they are on this site. I doubt it but still. Well my problam is my son is very fussy, and wont take no for an answer I'll try to do the re-directing thing and get his mind to soemthing else but sometimes it doesn't work. I'll try to get him something else to occupy his time but he's still very "out of controll" a little bit, granted he is 2 and I am hopeing he'll mellow out. I am doing everything I can yes I do pop his hand and tell him no and swat his hiney sometimes...I will try to expllain what he is doing wrong but he'll pitch a fit and scream and hollar. He'll throw tantrums etc. I've tried ignoring it..I don't know. thaty's another thing the ignoring thing. WHen he's doing something to ajitate me to get my attention he'll keep doing it, and doing it..and I'll ignor it but he wont stop till I get up pop his hand tell him NO...he'll scream pitch a fit and all hell breaks lose. I put him in time outs when that don't work I put him in his room till he's done crying then when he's done I"ll explain to him what he did wrong. IS this all the right damn thing to do? I'm so stressed out and have had it. I'm already on medication for heaven's sake for stress/anxiety but enoughs enough..is this a phaze? He doesn't eat chocolate drink soda barly juice due to recent findings it's loaded with sugar...icky. So what are some other path's I may endevour? WHat are some other answers to my question? PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! I do say I adore my kids very much and I wouldn't trade them for anything but please just help me here./

PS that actually feels good letting it out.