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    Default Sir Topam Hatt costume

    Ok, so now DS says he wants to go as Sir Topam Hatt. I'm going to make him chose this evening, but I don't want to give him Sir Topam Hatt as a choice unless I'm sure I can pull it off. I haven't found any Sir Topam Hatt costumes.

    I did find this top hat:

    And this yellow vest:

    But I would still need a black coat of some sort. And I'm not finding any that aren't expensive. Given what I'd be spending on the other two items and shipping, I'd rather not go more than $30 on the coat. DS is a size 6. Thrift stores around here don't have any kids clothing so that's not a possibility (really, one has absolutely none and the other has one rack for infant through upper grade school sizes). He has a black fleece, but I don't think that's close enough to the right look.

    Any ideas?


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    My DS is going to be Sir Topham Hat too! So far, I made the vest (I spent less than $3 of fabric and modified a shirt pattern I already had), I bought a white shirt (Target $9 IIRC- he'll be able to wear it again), and I bought a Thomas ToT pail. He already has a foam top hat from Grandma (they sell them at Michael's for a couple of dollars). I'm going to do the gray denim pants Gymbo has (to be reworn of course) and I'm considering buying the coat, just to get it over with:

    I also still need to make the tie, which should cost about $2 (free pattern online). I haven't figured out shoes yet.
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