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    DD1 got money from both sets. DD2, got jewelry from one set, and Disney stock from the other.

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    My mom gave DS a sterling cup engraved with his name and birthdate, and my dad gave a coordinating silver spoon. Also, both invested money in his RESP (educational savings plan). A number of our friends also gave him gifts.

    Nothing overt from any of the ILs, though DH's parents' best friends did throw a beautiful party at their home for DS after the service, so they may have been involved in that. I don't know. The friends are both elders in our church and the husband was clerk of session at the time. The whole baptism is still a HUGE sore point with DH's side of the familiy because SIL was very badly behaved about the whole thing.
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    My mom gave DS a tiny religious medallion that is the perfect size for now. MIL gave DS one of those momento boxes for first tooth, first curl and such. They both came to the service which is out of state for both and that was the best gift.
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    My in-laws gave my daughters a teeny locket engraved with their initials, and a baby ring. My parents are not able to get out and do any shopping, so they just gave money.

    When my nieces/nephews were baptized, my parents were able to get around better, and gave them an engraved silver photo album with their names and birthdate or baptism date.

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    My son received savings bonds from his grandparents for his baptism, which is the customary gift in our familes. DS was baptized when he was 17 days old, so these were a combination of new baby & baptism gifts.

    DS, age 11 and always amazing

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    I *think* MIL gave us money, but I can't remember now. Maybe jewelry? I don't think my parents gave anything, but I wasn't expecting anything. My dad baptized both Dora and Arwyn. I'm a little sad he won't be able to baptize Laurel.
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    I think my MIL gave him some really religious children's books at that same time but I don't know if it was a baptism thing.

    I am in the "not really a gift occasion" category on this one. Any gift should be appropriate to the occasion IMO. A family bible, a cross etc.
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    In laws gave DS a "My first prayers" book, A baby board book called "our father" (it explains the our father prayer piece by piece), a frame for his baptism photo, and a white onesie with a white emroidered cross on it. His Godparents got him the "Hail mary" board book that is a companion to the "Our Father" and "The Giving Tree" book by Shel Silverstein. That particular book was a favorite of his Godfather's growing up and they put a swee inscription in the front about how being baptised is more than just "receiving a blessing" it's also about giving back. It fit perfectly with the premise of the book and was very sentimental.

    I think only small token gifts (usually religious in nature) are appropriate for baptism presents- since the real gift is the blessing.

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    Bibles with a nice message written in them. Monetary baptism gifts are not the norm in this area.
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    Like another poster said, it's hard to remember! My friend gave Gator a gold baby necklace with a picture of an angel (which of course he's never worn). She was going to be the baby's godmother but it just didn't work out. Another friend gave Cha Cha a beautiful, handcarved holy water font to hang in our house. I"m trying to remember here what each of my children's godparents gave them but I don't think they gave much other than a card and small gift like a religious board book at the time of the baptism. But on birthdays and Christmas in our family it's tradition to give gifts. And for the other Sacraments the Godparents will most certainly give devotional or prayer books, rosaries, etc.
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