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    Default First Years Breastflow bottle issues

    I have been using these bottles to give DD pumped BM and it seems like I am wasting a little bit of milk every time. The bottles have a double nipple, a big nipple with a smaller one inside to get baby to latch deeper, mimicking breastfeeding. She does fine feeding from the bottles, sucks it down pretty quickly but I find that milk gets stuck between the two nipples and she can't eat it all, she's getting air before all the milk is gone. I am still quite new at this but it seems like I wind up pouring out the little bit that is left in the bottle every time I feed her (about once a day, BFing the rest of the day). In a single feeding this is not a big deal, but over time this is a lot of wasted pumped milk that I worked hard for! Has anyone had this problem with these bottles? I am wondering if I should get some different bottles with just a single nipple; she is not having too much trouble at the breast, latch is not great yet but she is certainly eager to take it so maybe a simpler bottle wouldn't compromise BFing. TIA for your input.
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    I use the Breastflow bottles, and I understand what you mean by milk getting stuck. Well, it happened with me too, and I would just press the tabs till all the milk flowed back into the bottle and give it to DS again. I would make sure that I would first let that remaining milk go directly into the inner (it's blue in our case) nipple and then let him have it, that way there's less of a chance that the milk gets in between again. But it does keep happening and I just repeat the process. I'm now giving DS formula, so I don't care much about throwing away that little bit, but did care when I was giving him expressed milk. Unfortunaely BF didn't work for us, so I can't say if a differnt bottle is better. But I know other BFing moms who use other bottles (Born Free, Vent air etc). Maybe you could try those too. I was tyring to get DS to latch and thought these bottles might help. They didn't (figured DS knew how to, but just didn't want to - wish I knew why ). But it so happened that he just got used to these bottles.


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    I'm pretty sure you did have to squeeze at the little "ribs" on the side of it, as PP says. There was something about it in the instructions -- did you happen to keep any? Oh I wish I could remember it in more detail now...

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