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    Default my DD won't let us read to her anymore?!

    my DD LOVES books and we read constantly to her as a baby - -now she is acting more independent and will NOT let us hold the book or put her in our lap for reading. I'm sure this must be normal, but started when she was 1.5yo and still 6 months later has not changed.

    DH and I just sort of miss that reading time. now she will only let us read to her if she is sitting a bit far away and flipping the pages herself - somewhat awkward.

    obviously this is our being a bit selfish and needy, but can I trust that she will eventually let us have real reading time again soon??

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    We have the same problem with our 14 month old. She now holds the book and reads to us in her baby gabber. My concern is about language development as all of the guide books mention the importance of reading to your children so they can learn to speak.

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