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    Default Do Pack n Play sheets fit the Co-sleeper?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know if the pack n play sheets fit the arms reach original size co-sleeper? If so, does anyone have any recommendations for soft sheets, preferably organic?


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    Hi- I am SUPPOSED to be getting a mini convertible ARCS from my MIL (hopefully she'll come through, but we might end up buying it ourselves... ugh). Anyways, since it's the same size as the regular mini that both Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us stocks, I simply took some sheets I was looking at over to the floor model and tried them. For the mini ARCS, I've found cradle sheets (TLCare organic cotton brand) work. This sheet also comes in plain cotton (not velour) and is cheaper but I don't see it online.
    As for a original cosleeper, I don't know. I would try a porta-crib sheet It might stretch enough to fit but according to the original is 40x28 and this sheet is only 24x38... good luck! Also as far as I know regular bassinet/pack and play sheets won't fit.

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    From my experience, pack and play, playpen, or play yard sheets DO fit the Arm's Reach Original (standard size) co-sleeper without any issues.

    I thought the brand I have for the co-sleeper were organic, but I just looked them up and it doesn't appear that they are - I must be getting them confused with the crib sheets. However, I can say that the co-sleeper's sheets, which are an Eddie Bauer quilted sheet ( are incredibly soft.

    I hope this helps!

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