Buildings are being erected faster than the growth of mushrooms after the rain. The growth has really affected the increase in the land value, especially in the cities. The increase in the number of buildings has been a result of the increase in the rate of migrants from the suburbs and the rural villages in search of an occupation. As the city life is too costly, the same is in the case of homes as well. Today with increase in the value of money, we are able to get a single room or even a house itself for rent in these cities. This totally depends upon the discretion of the customer, his ideology and occupation.

The cities are well set, on their way in encouraging the builders to build more and more buildings within a short time span. Thus the construction business has grown to be one of the most prominent businesses in the present world. The future of the cities has been predicted in such a way as the increase in the number of opportunities will increase the density of population and the metropolitans will find it too hard to accommodate each and every worker or employee within its restricted areas. This leads to the involuntary encouragement towards the art of building.

In the case of the New Home Builders Washington DC, a world renowned metropolitan has also taken the same stand and is on its way in encouraging and overhauling the art of architecture. The builders at Washington DC are so efficient that their experiment with the art of architecture never hinders the limitations of beauty and hygiene which it has set automatically in the mind of each and every civilian. The city is well developed and also maintains the vegetation at the same time, which makes the work of the builder a bit risky but rather, though not every homes are green homes but most probably they try to rely on the eco-friendly constructional ways.