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    Default Kaiser members - can you take your prescriptions elsewhere?

    My doctor always sends my prescriptions directly to the Kaiser pharmacy. Today I was at Target and received a printout coupon that says I can get $20 gc for new/transferred prescriptions, and their generics are $4. I pay $5 for generics at Kaiser.

    Anybody asked their doctor for a hard copy prescription and taken it to another pharmacy to be fulfilled?


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    I dont know where you are located...

    I am in Ga and have Kaiser...

    For an extra $10 we can take our prescription to RiteAid or Walgreens...I think those are the correct 2...I go to the Kaiser pharmacy because so far its been cheaper.

    Now, I have only gone to one Dr at a Kaiser facility and they did send the prescription the the Kaiser pharmacy.

    I take my babies to a "Kaiser participating Dr" who is in their own private practice and I get a hard copy of my prescription.

    Now, I have had an old prescription from a Dr before I switched to Kaiser (who is not Kaiser and doesnt participate with Kaiser) and the Kaiser pharmacy filled it no problem.

    Sorry, I just probably told you more than you asked for!

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    Each region should have its own policies.

    DW says no. Well, you can but Kaiser won't pay for it. Hmm, not sure what that means cuz if Target's only gonna charge $4 anyways, sounds like it's a good idea unless the $4 is only what your copay is and Target bills Kaiser for the rest.

    Ok, got another response from DW. She said some kaiser patients do that, but not all generics are on the list. So, sounds like you should look into it.

    DW is a Kaiser pharmacist out in the Sac area. I texted her friend who's a Kaiser pharmacist in the Bay Area, but haven't gotten a response yet. I think all of NorCal has the same policies tho. Sac and Bay Area are in the same bargaining unit IIRC anyways.
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