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    Default Forever Tires vs Air Tires

    I am strongly considering the Baby Jogger City Elite & have found a good deal on the 2009 with the air tires but I can't find it with a free return. Does anyone have strong opinions on the ride with forever tires vs. air tires?

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    I prefer air tires. Smoother ride.
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    I've pushed both air tires and forever tires. Honestly, I don't notice much of a difference...?

    However, the 2010 BJCE is vastly improved over the 2009 BJCE... much larger basket, better hand brake, etc. I can't remember all the differences, sorry. But the larger basket was enough of a deciding factor for me. I love the new basket it seems huge!!

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    the air tires seem to have a much smoother ride. However.....I can tell you that getting a flat is just miserable!! If you're not planning on doing much off-roading, you should be perfectly fine. I always get my flats when running on trails, just installed "stop flat" lining on my tires, hopefully that helps.

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    I LOVE my 2010 BJCE. We have extremely uneven sidewalks and it glides over them. I do not mind the air tires at all.

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    air tires are soo much smoother but then again i've never had the fake ones!! don't listen to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iowastate21 View Post
    I do not mind the air tires at all.
    If you have a 2010 then you don't have air tires. They are foam-filled.

    I don't know much about the difference between the two types of tires, but I agree with the PP who said that the 2010 BJCE is vastly improved over the 2009 (in every way except maybe the air tires). The basket is supposed to be a lot more accessible. I would love the handbrake for using a hitchhiker board later. Etc.

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    Default Tires

    As someone who sells both stroller with air filled and foam filled tires, it really depends on the surfaces that you stroll on to whether you can feel any kind of difference. On any flat based sidewalk or surface, you will notice no real difference. Both rides are very smooth. Where you start to feel a little (little) difference is more in the all terrain area's, where anything with air will give a little more cushion as it can absorb more based on the pressure that is in the tire. The foam tires are what they are, and while they do absorb the impacts well, they can only give to a point.

    So what it really comes down to is what kind of strolling will you be doing, and would it really make a difference

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    It probably depends on the stroller and on the type of air tires and forever tires. But FWIW, I've tried Bugaboo Cam with air tires and with the rubber tires and IMO, the air tires felt smoother and absorbed the bumps better. Rubber or foam tires tend to jerk the stroller more when rolling off the bump, the air tires cushion better.

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    DH loves forever tires because he thinks it's a pain to refill air tires. One reason we went with the Vista over the Bugaboo, however I can't really tell the difference between the two, even on trails.
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