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    Default Schleich vs Papo

    DD has several of Schleich horses (and loves every Schleich horse). I have not ever seen the Papo figures in stores that I can remember, but saw some on line that I liked the looks of. We are always getting more because they are the main reward for finishing one of her sticker charts.

    How does the quality compare between the two? Are the sizes similar so that they would be compatible together?

    I like em because they are around $5 each and the right size for her little hands. I am not ready to move up to Breyer.

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    I saw the Papo figures at an independent toy store here in Cincinnati. They
    looked super nice! I wasn't looking at the animals but they had some super
    cool looking fairy ones (I think?) and princess-looking ones. My 8 year old
    daughter stopped and was looking at them for awhile.

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    We have a few of each. Papo is a little more 'bendy' but pretty equal in quality. I've seen the Safari figures at Michael's and both Papo and Schleich seem a little nicer quality than those.
    @Corie- what store?? We just moved to Cincinnati and I need to know where to shop

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    FWIW- I found some really good deals (Papo and Schleich) on HappyHen. You have to figure in shipping, but a number of horses are between $2-4 (look under "All Papo" and then "Knights & Horses" and "Equestrians" sub categories).

    ETA: I am pretty sure that the size of the figures between the two brands is very similar.

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