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    Default Reviews of Hemnes series at Ikea?

    DD needs new bedrooms furniture (chest or dresser). I was looking at the Hemnes collection. Anyone have experience with it?
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    We have the 3-drawer dressers in the girls' room. They are cute, and perfect diaper changing height. The face of one of the drawers came off, but it was from overstuffing/abuse (DH). He glued it with wood glue and it's fine now.

    We have the queen bed in the guest room, and it's held up well.
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    We have a 3 shelf bookcase (I think it has been discontinued from the line) and it has held up great! It is chock full of heavy board books and hardcover books. I have been impressed.

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    We have 3 drawer dresser and the twin captain's bed that pulls out into a second twin bed (essentially a king-sized bed).

    Our bed is older than the chest (like 3-4 years), and I think the finishes are different. The chest is (like PP said) great changing table height. A costco wipe left on it for a several hours affected the finish (in an unnoticeable spot, and it's kid furniture, so I don't care so much...). The bed is a wonderful piece of furniture. The drawers are generous and operate smoothly. They are great size for toy storage. The negative about the bed is that if you stack the 2 mattresses, so that it is ready for using the trundle bed, then it's a pretty tall bed.

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    We have the Hemnes set in white for each girl: two twin beds, nightstands, 3-drawer dresser. The bed we got for DD#1 is slightly different than the bed we got for DD#2 (the head and footboards are higher now). It would have looked fine except that the girls decided they wanted to share a bedroom, so now the unmatched beds are in the same room.

    They are good value for the money. They aren't perfect (the drawers of the chest drive me mental), but they are better than the very expensive Costco set that we had gotten for DD#1 initially (but had to get rid of because it stank so bad of chemicals).

    Regular mattresses fit in the Hemnes twin bed and you don't need a boxspring. However, the Ikea mattress that we got for DD#2 is way more comfy than the traditional mattress we got for DD#1.

    We also got their duvet covers and duvets from Ikea.

    ETA: We have the regular twin beds, not the daybeds that the PP is discussing.

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    We have it in our room actually, in a white finish. We bought it because finding antique/vintage items was taking too long and figured on replacing it if the rigth set came along. Well, it has been 3 years and I have no complaints and we are no longer actively looking for replacements. We have the high dresser and the lower, longer 6 drawer. We have a mirror on the lower one that is not from Ikea- it is from a vintage vanity and it looks great. We also have the older discontinued versions of the nightstands with a drawer and 2 shelves. We do not have the Hemnes bed, but it looks nice.
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    We had the 8 drawer white dresser for 6 years - still looks brand new. I personally did not have any problems with the drawers. We recently bought a bed too.

    Excellent value for solid wood furniture IMHO My only complain is that it's becoming a little too popular and many of my friends have the same Hemnes sets.
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    We have the dresser that with the mirror in black in DD's room with plans to buy more pieces as I get to it. The only problem we had is that the oldest was opening the bottom drawer to stand in it so she could look in the mirror and bent the rail. But we just went to the As-Is counter and bought a new pair for like $3 and life is good now.

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    DS has the biggest dresser in the black/brown color in his room. I like it so much, I want to steal it from his room and give him the one from mine (Our dressers are old Broyhills that my parents originally bought for my younger brothers about 25 years ago). DD has the Hemnes nightstand with the solid door in her room in white. Both of them seem very solid.
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    My only complaint is that I only bought 1! I love it. Ds1 has the 6 drawer tall one in a now discontinued natural wood. We bought them on a Black Friday deal and I should have bought more. It's held up really well and holds a ton.


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