View Poll Results: Would you use powdered formula that expired one month ago but has not been opened?

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    Default Would you use powdered formula that expired one month ago but has not been opened?

    Would you use powdered formula that expired one month ago but has not been opened? I'm guessing I know what the majority will say but I was just curious. I hate to let it go to waste and it's the last month we'll be using formula.

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    I voted yes, but but but it would only be for one bottle until I could get to the store and get another can. I would hate to throw it out, but food expires for a reason and I am sure that formula fits in that same category.
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    Not for my baby. If it was a food product for me I would have no problem. Its probably ok but Im not willing to chance it w/ the babies
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    Not if it was primary nutrition (as in for an exclusively formula fed baby). The nutrients deteriorate over time.

    If it was to mix with cereal or something, yes.
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    I probably would only if it was very expensive formula. DD's formula costs $40-$60 per can, so yeah I would use that up but if it is not expensive/specialized then no--I'd toss it.

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    I wouldn't take the risk for my 4-month-old. I'm still nursing her at home, but also supplement w/ formula.

    Here's something that may help you: - when you click on the link and scroll down to the "Infant Formula Preparation & Storage" section, the 2nd question (Should I Use An Infant Formula Product Beyond Its Expiration Date?) has the following response:

    "No. All infant formula containers carry "use by" or "use before" dates to ensure that the consumer receives a wholesome, high-quality product. Formula should not be bought or fed beyond the expiration date. After the expiration date, some vitamin levels decrease and changes in physical properties, such as discoloration and separation of fat, may occur. Infant formula companies have a reimbursement program covering outdated products and company policy encourages stores not to sell outdated products. Any formula that is out-of-date at the time of purchase should be returned to the store from which it was purchased for exchange or reimbursement."

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