Dear UPS,
The only thing "sure" about your Surepost service is that I sure as h-e-double-hockey-sticks am not getting my package without having to track it down myself. Isn't your company's goal to deliver packages? Then why oh why would you partner with another service whose job it is to deliver things and make the simple act of package delivery a nightmare??? Every single time I have a package sent and it unfortunately ends up sent through UPS Surepost that package gets lost. Every.single.time. This is not a one time event. This has happened numerous times. Today when I called you, you blamed the post office and gave me their national number. By the way when I called it the gentleman told me that UPS is a direct competitor of USPS and that USPS would NEVER deliver a package for UPS. Maybe that's why all my packages get lost once they are delivered to the post office to be redelivered by them to me. The post office is literally right across the street from my house and somewhere between their backroom and the street crossing everything that You-UPS drop off for them to bring to me is lost. Please reconsider this faulty alliance so I can again start receiving my packages and not have to call you, the post office, and the sender only to be told no one has any idea where my package is. Oh and the pool opens on Saturday can you find my bathing suits from Land's End that you dropped off at the post office last Friday and make sure they get here before then????