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    Default Since when does UPS deliver to USPS to deliver to you??

    I needed a new bathing suit desperately. Bought one with a shipping range of 3-5 days, today being the 5th day, and today being the day that I NEED the bathing suit. UPS usually comes in the morning (in fact, they were just here yesterday dropping off an order from Old Navy) so I checked my order status and was told that UPS delivered the package to my local post office and to expect a 1-2 delivery delay. WTH? After spending a ridiculous amount of time on the phone numerous times with UPS and my PO. My PO asked for UPS's tracking number, gave it to them, they said it wasn't in their system anywhere. Called UPS ... the tracking number changes when UPS sends it to your local PO. My local PO finally located my package in a delivery from UPS that they got after lunch (after all their trucks have left with their deliveries for the day). I hate the USPS .... they are very unreliable. If I had known that my $15 shipping fee for a bathing suit, 2 bras and a shirt was going to be delayed I never would have ordered it. Is this is a new thing for the UPS to drop off packages at your post office?

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    i noticed it too this week...that my LE order was shipped UPS but then delivered to my PO and then by USPS to my house. crazy.

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    It is called UPS Basic and I've had several companies choose to ship my packages that way. It slows things down considerably and it's the only method where my packages have been lost. I'm guessing they save a bunch of money.
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    Fedex (which auto-corrects to feces BTW), does the same thing. Steams my biscuits. I was smoking hot mad the last time they did it. Why pay all that extra for "better" shipping if they are just going to drop it off at the PO? Ridiculous! And to add insult to injury, Fedex dropped my package off at a PO 1.5 hours from my house, thus adding 5-10 extra days of ground shipping on top of the expected shipping. Yes, I was livid. LOL!

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    It's not new - I've noticed it for years now. Both UPS and Fedex does it. My Barnes and Noble order from several months ago took 2 weeks from NJ to MA.
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    I had an issue when Amazon shipped my order through DHL (when DHL still did domestic deliveries; now they are only international I believe) and then DHL sent to USPS where as I drive by DHL everyday on my way to daycare and I could've picked it up. It has only happened once. I have never had it happen with UPS though.
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    yeah.....I think the fedex version is "fedex smartpost". I know gap has been doing this for a few years and it takes close to 2 weeks for my packages arrive. Hanna andersson does the same (for online orders). The only thing I count on arriving on time are my amazon prime items. Otherwise, I rarely bother tracking packages and just surprise myself when they finally arrive!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ett View Post
    It's not new - I've noticed it for years now. Both UPS and Fedex does it.
    Yep. It's a huge PITA for my MIL, because they don't have mail delivery to their complex (they have to have a PO box at the Post Office). She spends hours searching for packages sometimes because they'll say they're being shipped by UPS or FedEx (who require street addresses and refuse PO Box info.) but they get handed over to USPS, who won't deliver them to her street address. She's had countless packages sent back as "undeliverable" because of this.

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    My company uses this (FedEx Smartpost) for things that are lighter in weight because it is more cost effective. Kohl's uses it too.

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    Its called UPS Smart Post. When you track it the delivery method will say Smart Post on UPS' tracking but like you said once UPS delivers it to USPS it gets a different tracking number and unless the shipper sends you both you can't fully track the package through delivery. Although USPS tracking tends to be a joke anyway. 9 times out of 10 when I have packages shipped this way they end up lost and the shipper has to resend. I've found it to be very inefficient. 2 weeks ago i had a Lands End package lost this way. I called UPS who told me they delivered to the PO and directed me to follow up there with the main national PO #. When I called the guy assured me that "UPS is a direct competitor of the USPS and USPS would never accept & deliver a package for them." I found it funny since i had dealt with UPS Sure Post issues before and knew they do indeed deliver packages for their direct competition. The only silver lining for Sure Post is if they dont lose your package and it happens to get on the USPS truck for delivery, they deliver on Saturdays whereas UPS or FedEx sometimes charge extra for that. I still hate it though, too much of a hassle.
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