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    Default How much would you pay for a "cake boss" kind of cake?

    I'm planning my HS reunion, and we're getting a cake designed by a friend of mine. She's unreal. Her cakes are the most beautiful creations I've ever seen. This is her hobby and she doesn't know what to charge me. I can get a full sheet from a bakery I have a relationship with for a discount at $90. Two sheets would be $180, and that's just plain boring sheet cake. This girl makes 3-dimensional creations custom to order. So, I thought offering her $200 for a cake we design that would feed up to 300 ppl would be fair. Do you agree? Or is that a lowball offer?
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    Does she know how much time it will take her? I think 67 cents per slice for a fancy cake is too low. I would think at least $300 and that is on the low end.
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    I would probably offer similar to what I'd be willing to pay for a wedding cake. If the cake is going to be really extravagant and large (300 ppl), it will take a lot of her time, as well as money, to make.

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    Way low. I'm in the midwest and that type of cake is expensive. I've only seen much smaller ones and they were more like $4-$5 pp. We had a woman who does such cakes do a simple round cake for my DS1's bday, but the picture was airbrushed on. $50 for a small round cake.

    Think about how much your wedding cake cost, how those are usually just decorated and not engineered to be something, and how long ago that was.

    I think a pro would charge at least $1k for a cake that large.

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    Seems low to me, too. I'd find out how long it will take her to make the cake and how much the ingredients will cost and go from there.

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    Well, IMO $200 is a huge favor to you. How long will she have to spend on the cake? I would ask her what she wants $ wise and go from there. I would offer her free advertising at the event (if that is what she wants) as a bonus on top of the cost plus offer to pay for any supplies she needs.
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    $200 is low. I would offer her at least $500.
    See what she says.
    Eta....our local elitist cake shop charges a minimum of $1000 for sculpted cakes
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    Very lowball. Sorry.

    I mean, you're talking $180 for *discounted* boring sheet cake, and $200 is a mere $20 more than that for an exceedingly more complicated, time-consuming and gorgeous creation.

    Maybe she could do a focal piece and she could supplement with plainer easier cakes that coordinate?

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    I also bake as a hobby and would probably have to charge somewhere in the realm of 700-800 for a 3-D cake to feed 300 people.

    A decorated tiered cake for 300 people would be at least 300. I agree with the idea to ask her about doing some sheet or tiered cakes and then doing a much smaller 3-D part so it's cheaper for you and more worth her while. It's probably somewhat regional, but I definitely think you should offer more.
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    I would say at least $800 ESP. if you want lots of 3-d design.
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