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    Default Infant acetaminaphin w/dropper attached to bottle?

    It has been a few years since I've had an infant.... In the past I always kept a spare Infant Tylenol in the diaper bag, which definitely came in handy. The Infant Tylenol back then came with a dropper that was a part of the bottle - all in one. I see that they redesigned and then recalled their product...again. Their new design and all of the generic acetaminaphin versions I've looked at seem to have the dropper separate from the bottle. Are there any "all in one" options out there still? I don't want to have to keep track of a separate syringe in the diaper bag - not to mention the sticky factor of not being able to wash it off when on-the-go. Putting it back in the bottle was so much easier!


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    I use the Target Up & Up version, it has a dropper attached to the lid. But I probably bought it about 6 months ago.
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    The up and up brand has changed to a separate syringe too--I can't find the other kind ( dropper and bottle in one) anymore. I'm pretty sure it's because infant dosage for acetaminophen has changed. I could be wrong about that though. I still carry tylenol (or the off brand) in the diaper bag, just in a snack sized ziploc with the syringe. I don't like the mess either, but I guess it's good that it forces me to wash it frequently.
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    While I understand the ick factor for the syringe, a syringe is actually a more accurate way to meter dosage of medications than the dropper.

    When DD was on her heart meds, which was syringe-dosed, I kept the bottle and the dropper in a snack-sized zip-top baggie.

    After use, I wiped the syringe using a pacifier wipe:
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