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    DS is 2.5, 28lbs, 35 in. He is rf in a Blvd70 with 2-3 inches over his head. We also have an Evenflo Tribute for air travel, which is used rf as well.

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    B is 25 months 36" and 34lbs RF in:

    My truck in a Radian XTSL
    DH's car in a Marathon Classic (until Saturday when his new RXT comes)
    FIL's truck in a Complete Air

    And FF in:

    My mom's car in Roundabout Classic (just turned tonight but is going to be sold when the RXT comes and she will get the MA Classic). He only rides with her maybe once a month or so.

    DS - B 2/10

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    Our girls are 36-38 inches and 29-30 pounds, and sit RF in Radian65s in our minivan (primary car) and FF in Safety 1st Avenues in our Subaru Forester (we kept them RF for 3 years in this car before we couldn't stand it anymore).
    8-year-old twin girls

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