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    Go to Vegas. So, so many good restaurants every where you turn. It is heaven! And, if you are on an earlier schedule than the party all night, sleep all day schedule, you can waltz into restaurants before they get crowded. You can hike just outside of town (there is really well reviewed guided hike featured on Trip Advisor). Just got back from Vegas and it really wasn't what I expected; now I am trying to plan when I can go back.

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    I am liking the CA Coast ideas--what would the first week of November be like--too cold and foggy?

    October can be tricky-DS's bday is at the beginning, Halloween at the end, and fall break in the middle. So sometimes it works better to look at the first week of November.

    We are so not Vegas people. I did love the Cirque show "O" and we had one totally awesome meal and a great hotel--but it's just too fake for us. (although some day I would go back in Spring/summer and just sit outside at night and people watch!!!)
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    I don't think beginning of Nov would be too cold and foggy, although it will probably be chilly, especially in the evening. And it does start to get into more of the 'rainy' season, so to speak.
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