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    Default Cloth Diapering Diaper Bag Recs??? (repost)

    I'm cloth diapering, and my Skip Hop Dash is just not large enough. Anybody have any great bags that are messenger-style, and large enough to fit:

    2 Cloth Diapers (BumGenius or Swaddlebees)
    Wet Bag
    diaper pad
    Wet Ones/Boogie Wipes
    hand sanitizer
    change of clothes
    a few small iPhone thingy, lovey, rattle, etc.
    sippy cup
    snacks...I usually have 2 packets of Mum Mums, container of Cheerios, plus a few squeezie packets.

    I also stick a small credit card wallet, iphone, handkerchief, small lotion, and a small case with lipstick/chapstick.


    ***I accidentally originally posted this in KidWear...not sure how I misclicked that, but, I'm reposting here where it should be.
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    And I'm subbing THIS thread because I was looking forward to the responses on your other one!

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    I don't cloth diaper when outside my home, but my friends who do like the PPB Weekender bag. It is pretty darn big. i only use mine for weekend trips. We are biased though, as it is a local company!
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    I like my Jujube Be Spicy. I can fit four BG AIOs in there, a small pack of wipes and a Diaper Duck bag type holder, I put snacks like cereal bars or mum mums, and a sippy cup in the side pocket. I like the mom area on the front of the bag.
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    Subbing. I'm planning on using the Versa but I do have my doubts as to whether or not it will really be big enough. I am sort of an over-packer.

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    We use this bag:

    Lots of pockets, laminated, we got to pick the fabric, and it holds lots!

    I normally have in it:
    Epi-Pen, couple of toys, 2-3 cloth diapers, bag to hold used cloth diapers, the built-in changing pad, sunscreen, change of clothes for the infant, pacifier, sippy cup, high chair seat strap, table protectors.
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    I would recommend the Skip Hop Studio but that still may not be big enough. The Ju Ju Be Be Prepared is large and has an awesome "Mommy Pocket" to hold your keys, wallet, etc.. so you wont need to carry a purse too.

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