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    Default Where did all the Canadians go?

    I had to start a new thread as I'm tired of seeing that darn 14.99 Robeez thread at the seems like this forum gets very little traffic now, guess most of the topics end up in the lounge and I think a lot post car seat questions over on where there are a lot of CDN techs.

    Anyway, hello fellow Canadians, everyone excited about upcoming hockey playoffs (well except Molly, sorry bout those Habs!)

    I never thought I'd say this but "Go Blackhawks!"

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    Well, I'm excited that the downtown traffic is lighter now And that would be the Montreal take on the playoffs.
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    We're excited here....we love the early rounds with games every night. We'll be cheering for LA now (our favorite SoCal team). They're DD's favorite because they are the purple team!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2binsd View Post
    I had to start a new thread as I'm tired of seeing that darn 14.99 Robeez thread at the top...
    I thought *I* was the only one still here! Hence why I haven't checked this forum for a while - I too was getting tired of seeing the Robeez thread! Nice to see that there are some other CDN folks here!

    Not following hockey, much. My nephew, in Vancouver, is a HUGE hockey fan, so I get updated occasionally from him. Poor DN is not happy about his Canucks, though. Here in Alberta, we're busy with our election stuff, so there is that distraction.

    Nice to see some more traffic here!
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