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    I think the school is big enough that it won't be a problem, but we have a lot of those situations at the university and it does lead to a different dynamic. Its almost worse for the lower person as they are somewhat excluded from the day to day complaining/discussions of the boss that goes on in most work places. I do know that a dept chair for example can't directly supervise their spouse for promotion, yearly progress report etc, they are skipped in the chain and the spouse is signed off on by the Associate Dean above the Chair, I guess they will do something similar at school because I think thats a state requirement.
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    Good points, Lucy. I was going to be coy about what I said b/c I figured you'd know exactly who I was talking about and it feels like gossip mongering, but it's been publicly announced several times. Everyone at the larger school must have known it immediately, since the two people have the same last name.
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    There's a difference between working together as teammates or just being based at the same location, but different departments, and having one spouse/partner in a supervisory role.

    For some companies, this is an extreme no-no because it looks like nepotism.

    In the past this has come up at my company, on teams I was a part of. There were people who were dating, one was an assistant manager (with whom I did not get along) and one had just been promoted to a manager position from an assistant manager on another team. When the new manager took over, the assistant manager was shifted to the other team.

    It just looks bad when it's supervisor/supervisee because of the implications that the supervisee is getting "special treatment" - whether he/she is or not.
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