[QUOTE=brittone2;3491349]If it continues you may want to request a re-eval. When I worked on eval teams we would often tell parents to call in X months if their DC wasn't doing Y and Z at that point.

The difficulty IMO with recommending ways to work with her is that it depends on the origin of the issue, obviously. So we can give you ideas, but they may or may not be appropriate for her. That's where a professional can really be helpful, because they should be able to get a better idea of why her receptive language is a little behind.

Does she have a history of ear infections? Has she ever had her hearing checked? I'd probably call EI again and express your concerns-"it is like she doesn't hear me." and go from there. You may want to have private testing done, or private therapy if she doesn't end up qualifying.

I agree with all of this! (and I'm an SLP/Brittone is an OT and she is very knowledgeable on all things developmental, and she's a Beth like me so she must be genius, just kidding)