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    Default If you save your DC's clothes, how do you store them?

    Until now, I have been storing all of DD's clothing in large Rubbermaid containers. I like using containers because eveything stays folded neatly inside, as opposed to something like garbage bags where everything gets wrinkly. The problem is that I am quickly running out of space to keep these containers...its just not a space efficient system. I know I'm going to wash everything before it gets used again anyways, so I guess it doesn't matter if it gets wrinkled. If I put everything into bags I could really make better use of the space in the closet where all this is being kept. But it just bothers me anyways to think of everything getting squashed and wrinkled .

    Any ideas?
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    hmm....i use plastic boxes/tubs. they all stack together and i had hubby build shelves (just boards and cinder blocks). i can't imagine just using trashbags...bc they tear so easily, and they you would let dust/dirt/water/bugs in. plus, digging through to find things would be tough.

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    I only keep my favorites or the hard to replace thigns, for this very reason. I start keeping it all and it was very overwhelming. I do keep DD's stuff in the big Ziploc bags under her bed and those work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisM View Post
    I only keep my favorites or the hard to replace thigns, for this very reason. I start keeping it all and it was very overwhelming. I do keep DD's stuff in the big Ziploc bags under her bed and those work.
    Pretty much the same, here. I save DD1's clothes are are in great shape still, and that I am fond of. The big ziplocs are quite durable and I like being able to see what's in them.
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    Hmmm, I use large plastic tubs. They're stacked in our cedar closet in the basement. When the last kid has outgrown the clothes then I donate them. Are you saving for the next kid, or just saving them?
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    I store ours in plastic tubs too - waiting to use again, donate or loan to friends. I was thinking the same thing about space recently but I am so glad I kept them in the tubs bc our basement flooded yesterday and I would have lost all the clothes if they weren't in the tubs!

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    I saved DS1's stuff and DD's stuff until I was pg with DS2 and found out it was a boy. At that point I donated, handed down, or otherwise purged most of DD's things other than a handful of special pieces.

    There's a 6 year gap between DS1 and DS2 but I'm glad I saved his clothes. DS2's size and seasons lined up well so they've been useful.

    We use rubbermaid bins divided by size, and then I stack them on our big shelving system in the basement. We have a few of those large 5 shelf storage shelves costco and home depot sell. That way they are up off of the floor and out of the way for the most part. In our last house we didn't have a basement so we stored everything in the attic.

    Now that DS2 is outgrowing things, we donate as he outgrows.
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    I don't think garbage bags instead of bins would save much space.
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    Garbage bags. Our closets don't have a lot of stacking space, so it works out better than bins, but yeah, it's not pretty looking when you open the closets. The 4 yr gap btwn DS2 and DS3 makes storing clothes a big headache for me.
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