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    Default Help - snack for baseball

    They moved our baseball game. It was supposed to finish at 7pm and when I asked the coach's wife suggested I do pizza for after the game (the team often has pizza if finishing around a meal time). Our game is now 6.30-8pm so it's too late to eat afterwards. I can still do pizza and email to tell everyone to get there at 5.30pm (warm up starts at 5.45/6pm) or I can do a snack bag to go.

    Problem is, I'm studying for an exam tomorrow. Whatever I do needs to be easy.

    So, if your child had to be at baseball game at 6pm, what would you prefer? Pizza so don't have to worry about dinner (though everyone may not be able to come early and I'll have leftover pizza) or a snack bag at 8pm?

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    I like the snack bag idea. Dd is always hungry after games and I would rather give a healthier meal prior to the game anyway (although she would scarf pizza down).

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    I wouldn't want pizza before the game. I vote snack bag. But I think pizza after could work too, ravenous kids would be done in 15 minutes.
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    Snack bag. It's healthier, and the kids are used to getting fed after the game--I wouldn't want to play a game with a belly full of pizza. I'd put a couple of things in the snack bag, including something with protein in it like a cheese stick (in case they had a light/nonexistent dinner). For DS a good sized snack bag is really almost as much as he'd eat in a meal anyway.
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    I'd do after the game. If you do pizza before, you'd have to have enough to feed the entire family of people coming. I wouldn't make a dinner and have everyone but DS eat it at home. They'd all want the pizza at the game.

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    Default After

    I don't know about your, but our weeks with practices are pretty structured. I don't have time to get there early AND I have meals planned.

    A few years ago a parent gave bags with a piece of fruit, water bottle and pretzels. It was healthly and good. You can throw in cheese sticks, I would just let people know. I am hugely paranoid about things putting items that require refrigeration.

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    I vote for snack bag. It's easier and you can throw in a chocolate chip cookie as a treat. One mom did that last week and it was a big hit with the kids. Also since it will be late after the game, it's nice to just grab the snack bag and leave.

    We did pizza after the games last year and the kids liked to eat together. So, we would all linger around. But the adults till had to go home and get dinner and the kids ready for bed.

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