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    Default Help with curtains

    Planning on putting in the same pull down blackout honeycomb shade that we have in our bedroom in DS new big boy room but that room gets the most sun exposure in the house so light will come in on the sides. Thinking of getting curtains to keep the sunlight and help him go to sleep at his bedtime with the sun setting later but I'm worried about him pulling on curtains. DH and I are also allergic to dust so I've avoided curtains for that reason as well. Are there curtains that can be washed? Are they safe with a curious toddler or will he just pull thm down?

    Thank you!

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    Sure, a lot of curtains can be washed; just check the label or the cleaning instructions first. We have all washable curtains in our house, although some of them are air-dry only.

    We've had curtains up in pretty much every room in our house ever since DD was born. (I think she's around 4 months younger than your DS, based on your siggie.) She really hasn't messed with them much, except for the curtains right behind her little armchair, which she likes to stand on so she can look out the window, and then she tries to pull the curtains aside. I wouldn't worry about that too much; I imagine he might pull on them a bit while he's getting used to them, but I would imagine he'd leave them alone pretty soon as long as it doesn't become a game. A lot of people have curtains and toddlers!

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    In my old house, we used pottery barn blackout curtains. They are great, but they are dry clean only. DH is allergic to dust too, but you can vacuum them to keep them clean or dry clean them.

    I tried a set of blackout curtains from target that said they were washable, but when I put them in the dyer, the whole curtain was destroyed (blackout lining stuck onto itself). Maybe I didn't read the directions correctly--I can't remember, it was a while back.

    We just moved to a new house, and it came with honeycomb shades. We live on a lot where the sun shines right into the kids' rooms. My "to do" list for tomorrow includes buying drapery rods, so I can hang their blackout curtains!
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