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    Default Who else is nesting?

    DH and I had a 6 hour deep cleaning/organizing fest over here. It was totally planned by me about a week ago, and I have been looking forward to it all week, even more than the shower I had yesterday. MIL took DS for the day, and we have gotten so much done. I have been feeling very anxious lately that DD would come unexpectedly and we wouldn't be ready for her or all the visitors coming to see her. I just wanted one last good cleaning before I know I won't be up to it for a while. It cracks me up that this makes me feel so much more at peace. I wish I had this much energy and desire to clean when I'm not pregnant!
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    My due date is in 3 weeks and I decided yesterday that I should take all my linens, towels.. out of the closet and refold everything (we have tons of linens) It did make me feel better once it was complete.

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