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    Movie and dinner for date nights in the winter

    Go to the local cheese shop and taste artisanal cheeses and drink wine

    In the summer, we try to go to local festivals.

    Every year, we pick 1 or 2 tv shows to watch together. That way we can discuss them.

    We also like to look at local real estate online and discuss what we like and don't like. It's funny because we have in depth conversations about these homes we'd never actually buy. The nice thing is that we usually agree on most stuff, but it's also fun to have "arguments" about these houses as well.
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    Before we were even married, we got a subscription to a local symphony orchestra, and we've kept up the subscription through a move out of the city into the suburbs and through three babies. Now it forces us to have a date night. Doesn't really matter what the program is, we get to dress up a little, sometimes have time to grab a bite before the concert, and enjoy the music. It lets us be a couple again and enjoy a bit of city time. I highly recommend doing a subscription to something you could both enjoy ~ music, plays, etc.

    We LOVE going out to eat but don't go out nearly as much since having kids. When we do, it's not the expensive places we might have gone to in the past, but we still love finding places where we can linger over the meal, savor a glass of wine and talk. We both enjoy wine tastings and occasionally go to our local wine store for them. The owner always has lollipops for the kids so we have dragged the kids along a couple times as well on a weekend.

    Long walks and hikes, although it's been ages since we've done it just the two of us; we do this as a family now.

    Cooking together.
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    We have a symphony subscription too this season- 1/2 the time we take T, so we only go alone a few times a year.

    In the past we have done dance lessons together, which we enjoyed. Going every week, right around dinner, though is hard. Most of the things we do together are late night so that the kids are sleeping before we go.
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    DH and I share a passion for wine. Every Saturday night after the miss go to bed we share a bottle, shot on the couch and talk. Its the best!

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    I want to second the class/lesson idea. DH and I did a one night painting class where you could bring your own snacks/wine and it was a blast. For his birthday this year, I signed us up for a 10 week ASL class, because he really got into teaching our DD sign language. We're on week 5 of the class and it is such a fun and different way to spend time together.
    I also agree that its give and take. We have different taste in movies, books, and concerts, so we alternate activities. We've been lacking in the date dept. lately, so this class has been an awesome excuse to have a date night once a week.

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    We like to watch classic/fun movies, particularly during winters over good bottle of vino with good antipasto food.

    Eat out with the kids & without them every week; once or twice a week.

    Play words with friends against each other!

    Prep/grill (I prep & he grills) food to be enjoyed & eaten out on deck. We do alot of that during spring/summer seasons.

    Attend festivals. Wine, balloon, 4H, and pets festivals. Our favorites is the balloon which is right by our town, so we always host a BBQ cuz people can watch balloons floating by over our backyard after attending the festival earlier.

    Take walks together. Still alot of that as our little one is stroller dependent. Pre kids, we used to love taking scene drives and stop by for brunches at cute hole in the wall places. Walks kinda replace that a little bit

    Go to our country club for themed fun; i.e Friday family pasta nights, festival/fireworks on July 4th at club, Italian night dinner, etc.

    We try to go the city (NYC) once a weekend day/night of shopping, broadway and dinner. Eventually hopefully that'll change into solo date overnight trips once the little one is older.
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