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    Default One Step Ahead swim trunks

    Has anyone used the Sun Smarties swim trunks from One Step Ahead? I really don't like using the disposable swim diapers. DS has never pooped in the pool so they just seem like a total waste of money. Last summer we used the iPlay reusable swim diapers but I tried one on DS today and he hated it, it was really tight around his thighs. This was the biggest size so obviously we can't go that route. DS prefers to wear shorts anyway.

    I have a hard time finding swim trunks because DS is big, almost 35lbs and he has really chunky thighs. He's in a size 6 diaper already. The inside liner is always really tight on his thighs.

    Any other brands that have an actual diaper lining in the trunks and not just mesh?

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    Gymboree has a swim diaper in their trunks and I saw some there recently on sale.
    It says built in diaper for sized up to 3T
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