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    Default "Squeeze a burp?" Is there such a thing??

    So, after reading an episode of June B. Jones's 1st grade Christmas story, Dora now wants a Squeeze a Burp for her bday. Which I guess is a small sized whoopie cushion that makes a burping sound. Is there such a thing? I checked at the Spencer Gifts in our mall, and they don't have one. I thought all whoopie cushions only farted. Is it possible for one to make a burping sound instead?
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    I think it's just the different words we use for it. I'm fairly certain, remembering back to my childhood, with a brother who liked to visit the joke shop a lot, that whoopie cushions are whoopie cushions, and they all make the same (rear end) type sound. Not sure I've seen any that are more "belchy" than "farty" sounding, if that makes sense.

    I'd think a "squeeze a burp" would just be meaning burp instead of fart, so a whoopie cushion...

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