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    Default Cleaning after cutting raw chicken

    I've always been curious what others do.
    Last night I was cutting up raw chicken to use in a recipe. When I was done I scrubbed the knife/fork and cutting board with our dish sponge before putting them in the dish washer.

    I then thought about it and didn't really want to use the sponge on anything else, like my children's dishes, since it was used to wipe raw chicken.

    So... what does everyone else do when dealing with raw chicken/turkey, etc? We don't put our kid dishes in the dishwasher (long story). I tossed the sponge, but it was a fairly new sponge so I'd rather not do that every time I cut up chicken.
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    Honestly, I don't do anything special. I use really hot water and Dawn to clean up the counters and things that are not dishwasher safe, like my good knives. I rinse the cutting board before I put it in the dishwasher, but I don't scrub it - the dishwasher gets WAY hotter than my tap, and the heat is what really kills the germs. I might throw my sponge in the dishwasher, too, but usually not. In almost 20 years of cooking for myself and others, I've never gotten sick or made anyone else sick.
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    Depending on how paranoid/lazy I'm feeling, I do one of the following:

    - Wash cutting board with soap and hot water, rinse out the sponge well.
    - Wash cutting board with soap and hot water, then put the sponge in the dishwasher.
    - Wash cutting board with soap and hot water, then pour boiling water over cutting board and sponge.

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    I skip the sponge and use a cloth that goes into the washing machine or it just goes into the dishwasher. I avoid a sponge if at all possible.
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    I just put the cutting board right in the dishwasher with everything else.... and be sure to wipe down the counter really, really well, as well as my hands, the faucets etc.... so far so good! And I want to hear the story about not putting your child's dishes in the dishwasher. I always do that and now I'm worried!
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    I don't use a sponge on my cutting board when I am cleaning up after using it to cut meat. I squirt dish soap on it (the cutting board) and then use a nail brush to scrub the surface and rinse in super hot water. I use Kirkland kitchen wipes to clean off the counter.
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    You can boil the sponge to disinfect it (either in a pan on the stovetop or in the microwave in a bowl with some water). I read this tip in the book Green-up your Clean-up.
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    Contain raw meat to one counter space, open dishwasher before I start. Put used "contaminated" utensils and cutting board directly into dishwasher. If I do rinse them to get a chunk off or something, spray sink with disinfectNt when I spray the countertop. Wash hands, clean countertops, wash hands again, lol!
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    I wipe up with a chlorox wipe instead of a sponge. Or a paper towel plus bleach spray. I put the cutting board in the dishwasher
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    I put the cutting board and all knives directly in the dishwasher which has a sanitizing cycle. I don't use a sponge on our countertops after cutting chicken. I use papertowels and spray a rubbing alcohol mixture for sanitizing countertops.
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