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    Quote Originally Posted by cckwmh View Post
    There is an allergy face - the symptoms were on my PA board exams. the eyes are called allergic shiners. there are also dennie morgan lines and an allergic salute.
    Yes to all this! My kids have eczema and I've read about all of these. Both of mine have the dennie morgan lines (double creases under the eyes right?), DS1 used to have really bad allergic shiners, and I have a permanent crease on my nose from rubbing it. My uncle had to have a nose job because he actually changed his nose from so many years of rubbing it! I come from a VERY allergic family! DS1's allergist asked me if DS2 had eczema as well since she noticed his allergy face when he was just a toddler. And my answer was yes he does!
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    That study is SO interesting! We all have super long lashes that people comment that none of us need mascara.

    I also wanted to mention that we don't have seasonal allergies, just food allergies and we aren't congested, but can have those deep, dark circles under our eyes.

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    [QUOTE=nfceagles;3827961]I've never heard the term "allergy face", but I have heard of "allergy shiners" refering to the dark under eyes. I've also heard of the long eyelashes and studies to back the idea up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elektra View Post
    Can't believe there is a study that supports the long eyelash thing!
    I know!!! And, with an N=2, our kids would fit in with that theory. DD1 has asthma - her eyelashes are way longer than DD2's (no asthma). And both of our kids should be genetically doomed to have short, straight Asian lashes.
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    How come no one is mentioning the "X" on the nose? I distinctly remember my ped allergist pointing it out on my first appointment with him when I was about 6. DH has it too. It's like the allergic salute but instead of a crease going straight across, there are 2 from rubbing diagonally.
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    We have heard it many times also. I do think it is an older Dr. thing, but true for us!

    Also, just anecdotally, DS's pulmo calls him the con man. He tends to not look nearly as sick as he is when his asthma gets really awful. He looks like a kid with a cold until you hook up the pulse ox and see how much trouble he is really in. Years of dealing with this and I still have to gauge by his resp rate and signs of flaring and retraction. DS also has never had the traditional asthma attack or any trouble with activities. This Asthma stuff can be really, really tricky!

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    I knew exactly what it was before even reading your post and yes, I've heard of it, and seen it many times before. Especially "allergy shiners" a certain blue around or under the eyes look. Always in kids with allergies and asthma.

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    When we went in to get DS1 ear tubes, our ENT's first comment about DS1 was about his long eyelashes and how that can be a sign of allergies. (And the ENT is not an older man.) The idea is that it's a natural defense mechanism to keep stuff out of the eyes. I looked for support when I got home and found the same study linked to by pp.

    DS1 does have seasonal allergies. And his eyelashes are so long that strangers approach us all the time in stores, restaurants, etc. to comment on them. (Which I find very strange, but we've kind of gotten used to it.). So, in our experience at least they do go together.
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    I always learn stuff here...the eyelash thing is completely fascinating.
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    I am surprised by the eyelash thing. If that was the case I'd have the eyelashes of an ostrich. My problem was that as a child I would rub my eyes so much that I was often left with very scant eyelashes and they never recovered from that state.
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