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    Default Quick dinners when too tired too cook

    I want to cut back on amount of dinners we eat out. Sometimes, I am so tired it's easier to go out to eat. If I have something quick and easy to prepare, I'll be less inclined to do that. And probably healthier. I want a couple of options, so I can have the ingredients on hand to make dinner quickly.

    So what's your "I don't want to cook" meal?


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    Pasta with sauce from a jar
    Scrambled eggs with toast or refrigerator cinnamon rolls
    froz quiche from Trader Joes


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    Spaghetti is always easy, and you can buy/may ahead sauce with lots of veggies
    Sloppy joes
    Pita bread pizzas (again, customize with lots of veggies)
    Pancakes or waffles
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    My DS has allergy issues so my choices are limited. You may want to check out PW's 15 minute meals if you don't have FA issues. Otherwise, the following are my go-to meals:

    Orange chicken (from Trader Joe's) served over white rice
    Sausage & peppers sandwiches

    I'll be watching this thread for ideas.

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    This is my go to, easy, one pot meal.

    Low Country Boil

    Boil large pot of water with Old Bay seasoning.
    Dump in some whole red potatoes. Cook for a while.
    Dump in frozen mini ears of corn. Cook til almost done.
    Dump in bite size pieces of sausage (like kielbasa, polish sausage, etc)
    Dump in uncooked shrimp. Cook just a couple of minutes til shrimp floats.
    Scoop it out and eat!
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    Does cereal count? Or oatmeal/cream of wheat made in the microwave? Because seriously, those are my truly-unable-to-put-a-meal-together fallbacks when there are no leftovers or something from the freezer to pull out. Otherwise, scrambled or fried eggs plus toast plus fruit/veggie, or pasta with jarred sauce.
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    Pita, hummus, crackers, cheese, grapes, salami, apples, (and wine because if I am at the point of pulling out the no-cook stuff, I am probably needing some wine to go with it). This is also something I know my kids will eat.
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    My quick meals would be

    pasta with turkey meatballs and organic jarred marinara from trader joes

    Aidells chicken apple sausages with sautéed peppers and onions (hot dogs for the younger kiddo),corn on the cob or green beans & salad ... could do baked beans with this meal too

    We keep some things in the freezer from Trader Joes for quick thrown together meal
    gyoza ... either the thai vegetable or chicken... serve with edamame and rice
    Mini chicken or beef tacos, or fish sticks or chicken drumelles (I think that is what TJ's calls them... but chicken nuggets) ... sometimes we just cut up cucumbers and give the kids some carrot sticks with these and call it dinner

    Soup with a grilled cheese sandwich can work too .... as can quesadillas

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    Hot dogs (nitrate free) with carrot sticks/sweet potato chips
    Sunbutter apples (sliced apples with sunbutter/peanut butter)
    Chicken soup

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    This is the reason I like Once A Month cooking or other freeze-ahead meals. We're trying to drastically cut back the eating out, as the work on our house SHOULD be winding down later this week. Yesterday, I stocked up on sale meats and precoocked stacks and stacks of items.

    -browned ground beef with tomatoes and onions seasoned with taco seasoning-stored in the small flat pyrex~1lb. - easy taco night
    -browned ground beef with onions (freezer) + jar of sauce and pasta (I try to precook some at another meal so it can be ready for another day when we are short on time)
    -cut up, cooked pork cut into chunks to toss into TJ's frozen veggie fried rice
    -always on hand: breakfast for dinner, green giant frozen veggie boxes (stock up at sales), any frozen entrees from TJ's, quesadillas, black beans to go over leftover/precooked rice, topped with shredded cheese.

    Nothing earth-shattering, but I really do miss having my Advantium oven where there's no preheating. You just stick frozen /refrigerated items straight into into it and *bam* they're done in 10-15 min. while you set the table or whatever.

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