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    Default yeti soft side

    Quote Originally Posted by JBaxter View Post
    They have been in both Marshalls & Homegoods here for a few months.
    Not exactly sure what the "hopper" is, but we won a soft sided Yeti in a raffle and were so excited.... until we used it. It is terrible. Not at all like the hard sided ones. It did not keep anything cold for our 4.5 hour drive. All the ice was melted when we got there.... and it leaked terribly! We called the company to send it back, thinking surely it was a fluke, and they said you have to FREEZE the ENTIRE COOLER for 24 hours before you use it. This does not work for me a.) because I'm unlikely to remember to freeze the cooler 24 hours in advance of me needing it and b.) even if I did remember, there's no way that sucker would fit in my freezer! For something SO expensive, it is a total waste of money in my opinion!

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    What? Who freezes a cooler?? Let alone a $300+ cooler. I don't understand how a company would produce something with those consumer expectations.

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    Thanks for that review… it sure makes the decision easy for me!

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