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    Default Possible phenomenal price on Fiesta 4 or 5 piece place settings for Kohls cardholders

    My Kohls is clearancing out Fiesta 4 and 5 piece place settings. The ones I saw were $16.80. If you are lucky enough to have gotten a 30% off offer, then they are further reduced to $11.76. Combined with the $10 off home purchase of $50 and $10 Kohls cash for every $50 spent, theoretically speaking the cost per setting is decreased to $6.80 for seven sets.

    Unfortunately, you can't search for the in store clearanced ones online. Also, it might be hard to find seven sets available and each store may differ in their pricing. However, if you are in the market for a bunch of them, it might be worth the try.

    Alternatively, the 5 piece place settings are being clearanced online for $22.50, 4 piece place setting in Tangerine and Claret for $22.50 and Fiesta 3 piece bistro dinner set in Tangerine and Claret for $18.80. I tried adding links but they are not connecting to the right pages. I found them on the last page of my Fiesta search.

    Using the $22.50 per set price and the same assumptions as above makes each setting $10.75 for four sets. Still not a bad deal.

    For anyone that needs it, the 30% off code is LOVE30 and a free MCV no minimum shipping code is SHIPFEB
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