I had it done years ago, pre-kids. I had sclerosis on one leg (thigh) to fix spider veins - personal and cosmetic, but I also had a lot of pain there so I think that's why health insurance paid for it or some of it. A doctor injected something (knew it at the time, but I can't remember now) into my spider veins. I went back multiple times - 5 or 10 over a few years. I don't remember there being an 'end' game exactly - more like it was ongoing and he would see what needed fixing any given time and it was a slow process. At some point, I guess I just got busy and it was good enough and I forgot about it. Or maybe my insurance wasn't covering all of it and it got too expensive, I can't remember.

My thigh does look better now, years later, but some of the spider veins have come back in one place, a different place than before. It's less than before, I think, but still noticeable. I guess I don't care anymore whereas I cared a lot back then - or perhaps it really was worse back then.

I don't think I'd get it done now for this or even if this was worse. I guess it just seems like a lot of money and extra time involved which I had more of pre-kids. Also, after I got it done, I fell upon an article describing how the procedure works for some reason and I remember being surprised - at the time, at least, I think they got rid of spider veins by basically closing them off. The idea is that you didn't really need those spider veins anyway and the body creates new veins, but... as I get older, the thought of doing something like that to my body makes me feel less comfortable, at least to part of my body that is rarely seen. It sounds safe enough, but it wouldn't be worth it to me now even if there were a tiny bit of risk. It may have changed a lot since I did it, though, and there is even less risk than before, which was minimal then.

If I were to get anything done, it would be some facial care .

So... at the time, I was very happy with the results. Now, I don't think I'd care enough to get it done.