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    Default Fitbit Versa check in

    A few weeks ago I posted asking about the Fitbit Versa. I ended up getting one and I love it. A few other BBBers replied and said they might get one too. Check in time: are you loving it, hating it, or somewhere in the middle?
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    I am so curious because a big part of me wants an apple watch but I don't want the price tag. I had an old fitbit that broke and I really want a new something where I can read texts (wish I could respond too) and feel phone calls coming in.

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    Iíve had mine for about 10 days (ordered from Macy's of all places, thanks to the SD tip about signing up for emails and saving 25% ó not sure thatís still on).

    I previously had a Blaze, which I liked OK but after a firmware update it counted dramatically fewer steps for the same distances, and it was clear that Fitbit wasnít going to fix that.

    For me, the Versa is a dramatic improvement! Nicer design, definitely more comfortable and less clunky. So far, Iím struck by lots of minor changes that add up to a much better product. E.g., the battery life is better AND the battery indicator shows % remaining, unlike the fairly meaningless battery icon. Iíve found a watch face that I really like, simple design that shows day/date/time plus the basic stats.

    So far, the step counts and HR data seem to be much closer to what I expected. Unlike many of you, I basically just focus on walking, so I have no idea how well the many other exercise-tracking features work. But even for walking, there are some nice reminders, e.g. a buzz to encourage you to walk at least 250 steps/hour, and avoid long periods of inactivity. In fact, this has been so encouraging to me that I had to give my knees a rest yesterday after doing too much walking every day! I have also used the 2-min Relax app often.

    Since I donít have a smartphone, I canít try out the various message notifications etc, although I keep meaning to try to figure out whether i can set up a link to the calendar on my iPad. Also, no experience with downloading music etc.

    So, on balance, Iíve been pleased, and would especially recommend the Versa to people who are trying to decide whether to replace an older clunkier Fitbit watch.

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