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    Quote Originally Posted by mikala View Post
    I love this. Our Facebook resale site periodically has flamingos for cheap after birthday celebrations....

    I'm picturing flamingos peeking over the fence at passerby.
    I would place the flamingos so they are (even if it's appearance only) holding up the fence.

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    It's hard to say, but it seems like SoCal is pretty lenient when it comes to things like repairing your own property, unless you live in one of those Orange County HOA subdivisions (which I know you don't.) I would probably tear down the fence rather than replace it, it's cheaper. But I would ask for a handyman's estimate to might be cheaper than you think. I wouldn't go to a fence company, that will be expensive.

    He sounds super nasty. The backhanded jab at your DH was so bitchy.
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