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    Quote Originally Posted by nfceagles View Post
    Add me to the list of TI-82 and TI-89 owners dating back to my high school days making them at least 25 years old and still going strong.

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    *sigh* Lucky. I had a TI-81 that I got my junior year of high school, so 1992. It lasted through my PE exam in 2003, but then the screen died on it. So, I bought one off a friend and kept it for another 5 or so years, before IT'S screen died on me. So, now I use a little TI-30X II S instead. But I miss my old 81.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bisous View Post
    Dang NOW I find out that I need one of these! I need this to be cheal! Off to check out suggestions in this thread and see if they’re still valid.
    I was certainly surprised to find my son's 6th grade class is using them! (not needed to buy. They have a class set and will use those in class.)
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