I've recently seen a job in my field that I think I want to apply for. I would be making alot more money than I make right now. It would come with at least a 30% raise. I'm slightly torn because I have it OK now just because my boss is THE BEST, but my job is boring and recently we've had changes in the department including someone being laid off. I work part-time now (30 hrs/week) and I would have to go to full time. But I've been wanting to do that recently anyways because I need the money. Also, I dont get health insurance benefits right now and DH's health plan is not that great, so I could potentially use that benefit. My kids are older and I dont need to be home with them after school as much anymore. They could stay home alone for 1-2 hours before I get home. Commute is similar. Maybe new job would be 10 minutes on top of the 15 minutes it takes me right now, so not too bad.

Anyways, are there any forums around for getting resume help? I really just want to clean up my current job skills/experience, so I look super appealing. Job would be in Info technology for a position in reporting.