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    Default Food processor recs

    We have a huge Cuisinart 11 cup food processor. It was a wedding gift that I have only used a handful of times. It's just too big and heavy. It's a pain to get out and put away. I want to get a smaller one, but I don't know where to begin. I don't even know what size to get. I use my magic bullet almost daily, but some things need more power. I would like to make hummus and other dips, cashew creams and cheeses and banana 'ice cream'. So I need something powerful enough to make those things smooth. Any thoughts? TIA!

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    They have gotten much lighter over the years I've noticed. I have a Kitchenaid 7 cup and it seems to be perfect. Not too large, not too small. You could also get a mini chopper (any brand) which holds maybe 1-2 cups which is great for chopping an onion, two carrots, some herbs, a little celery etc.
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    I have a Cuisinart 7 cup and a Cuisinart mini chop. I tried to use the mini chop for most things, ended up frustrated and end up using my 7 cup.

    The mini chop is great for anything mini. 1/4 of a chicken breast for a single serving of chicken salad, etc.

    Look at the new Cuisinart’s. The larger models are significantly lighter. Can you move the one you already have to a lower cabinet or somewhere easier to access?

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