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    Default Botox for crows feet?

    Anyone gotten Botox to handle crows feet? How did you like the results? Any unexpected consequences? A family friend just gave me a decent sized monetary gift out of the blue to spend on myself (first time thatís ever happened!) and Iím thinking that I may finally try Botox.

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    I do it for crows feet and my forehead and in between my eyes. I love it to be honest! Gets rid of all the squinting wrinkles and I instantly look 5 yrs younger.
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    I have had it done, and I inject others as part of my job. In the right person, it is amazing in terms of making you look younger/refreshed. Botox is a regional thing in terms of number of units and where to put it. I practice in Massachusetts, so glabella and crows feet are the typical areas people want. Forehead injection is not the norm here.
    I personally would not do crows feet without doing glabella. Both together really open the eye.

    I also said in the right person. If you have strong cheek muscles I think botox crows feet looks horrible. I have had jad it done to me twice and I will not do my crows feet again. I have really strong and well defined cheeks. When I have botox near my eyes, I end up with a deep dimple,for lack of a better term, just under each eye laterally. This is NOT the norm, but it does happen in a small subset of people. I have talked to Allergan and multiple Drs/trainers about it at conferences. Most Providers will know if you are going to fall in that category and warn you that there is a risk of this happening . (I was warned and did it anyway).

    That being said, I love botox, have it done every 3 months, just to my glabella.

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    I have tried Botox for crows feet, but did not really like it. I felt like I wasnít able to smile with my eyes, if that makes any sense. Iíll take happy over young, I guess. I do love Botox for my forehead though! I would go to an experienced doctor to see where they recommend it for you.

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