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    Thanks. I just had a folio wallet with me SE and have also stopped carrying my purse most days. It only fit my license, credit card, and Costco card. This looks good. Debating between it and getting an ultra protective life proof type case- this is the nicest phone I e ever owned so Iím paranoid! 😂

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCGrandma View Post
    Tell me about the glass screen protectors. On the Touch, I used those lightweight plastic (or whatever) screen protectors. We always figured that they came 3 to a package because youíd ruin at least one trying to install! And it was basically impossible to avoid bubbles...

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    They're easier to install because they're rigid and basically invisible once on. I've had the same one for I think 3 years. The brand I bought has a lifetime warranty and they replaced the one on my mini when it cracked a couple years in.
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