Are you sure its an ingrown toenail? My DD had what we thought was an infected ingrown toenail (got red and painful around the side of her big toenail) a few months ago. We took her to the pediatrician and she said many people think this is an ingrown toenail, but it isn't actually that but an infection under the nail bed (I forget what she called it), probably from an slight injury to her toe during the summer that got infected. She was able to use a scalpel to push the skin back a bit and release the pressure (and puss - sorry TMI!). There was no shot and my DD actually said it didn't hurt that badly. DD was able to sit there pretty calmly while she did it. The dr also put her on an antibiotic and had us soak it and keep it covered outside with a bandaid with ointment. We watched carefully to make sure the redness went away bc she said if it spread down the toe she might need IV antibiotics. It took a couple days of soaking and meds, but it did get better and go away.