Got baby sleep troubles? Check out Sleep 411, our new mini-ebook for $1.99!

 Help your baby sleep through the night!

Our new fun-size ebook Sleep 411 covers the  latest scientific research on newborn sleep, safety and more. Read reviews of the infant sleep gurus—and find the approach that works best for you.

FREE BONUS: Learn how to un-do bad sleep habits and the top 10 mistakes parents make with infant sleep.

And it’s just $1.99. Sleep 411 is available from your favorite ebook sellers, including Amazon/Kindle, Barnes & Noble/Nook and Apple/iBook! See below for links.

FYI: This mini ebook is an excerpt from Baby 411! If you already have Baby 411, you already have this material.

Click here to order:

Amazon Kindle  Amazon Kindle version of Sleep 411 ebook.
Barnes & Noble Nook version of Sleep 411 ebook.
Apple iBooks Apple iBooks version of Sleep 411 ebook.


Here’s a look inside Sleep 411. Topics include: 

◆ The science of sleep: how much does an infant need to sleep?
◆ Newborn sleep issues
◆ Sleep safety tips
◆ Deciding on your family’s sleep routine (family bed vs. solitary sleep)
◆ Setting up good habits
◆ Undoing bad habits
◆ Top 10 Mistakes parents make with infant sleep
◆ The Sleep Gurus: Ratings & Reviews
◆ Naps
◆ Special situations—Multiples and Preemies


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