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As always, we never have enough room to publish all the goodies we want to in the Baby 411 book. So here’s where we put all the promised bonus material! Click the links to the left to see our famous collection of rash pictures, common birth marks, allergic reactions and the rest of the Baby 411 visual library.

Below, find the promised downloadable PDF’s we mention in the Baby 411 book.

List of newborn screening requirements by state (PDF file)

Vaccine requirements by state. Go to this site and see
the pull down menu on the upper right.

Vaccine additives. This chart shows you the additives in common
childhood vaccines.

WHO Growth charts. Scroll down this page to see the
growth chart links for boys and girls from birth to 24 months.

Autism graphic: actual risks versus newspaper articles on purported risks.

Baby 411 Bonus Downloads