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Kids & Language: Small Investment in Reading = Big Impact in Learning

Reading matters. Really. More of your FAQS on children and reading. How do parents think children learn language? Parents underestimate the value of talk-time and reading time with their children. And other parents go overboard and spend time and money on learning programs that really aren’t necessary. Experts recommend the 3 T’s… Tune In (listen […]

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Kids & Language: The Cost of Screen Time

“If you want your child to be an engineer, don’t get her an iPad, get her a set of blocks.” More of your FAQS on children and reading. This one focuses on the impact of screen time such as apps, videos, TV, etc. (Click here to check out yesterday’s blog.) Have a question? Comment here […]

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New Toothpaste Rules. (Update to 411 Guidance)

It’s never too early to keep those teeth clean…that’s the message behind the new American Dental Association’s guidelines for baby teeth. The ADA recommends parents use a tiny amount (smear size) of fluoride toothpaste twice daily to “brush” baby teeth as soon as they grow in. What has Changed? The prior rule, which we followed […]


New Study Examines Patterns of Smartphone use by Parents Around Children

We’ve all seen it. A quiet family seated in the corner of restaurant for a meal. Parents engaged with their devices rather than with their children. This troubling and emerging trend of ‘distracted parenting’ has experts asking – how does this mobile device use affect parent-child interactions? The American Academy of Pediatrics already advises pediatricians […]

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Obesity Prevention Starts Early, Even in Womb

Two studies published this week called attention to obesity and kids—when it starts and who is most at risk. The topic isn’t new but the discovery is…kids who are overweight in their kindergarten and pre-school years are more likely to be obese teenagers. In addition to the social effects, excess pounds have health implications that […]